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What a surprise!


Some dude called Jumbo claims that Nagma, former hearthrob, has underworld links, and even hid heavy machinery in her not inconsiderable belly and helped smuggle it into Karachi to set up a gutka plant. So anyways, an angry Nagma denies the accusation and claims that she was framed, and adds for effect that the girl with underworld links was not her, but a TV actress that shares her name.

Turns out that equally fat (and equally ex) heartthrob Mumtaz used to be called Nagma before T. Rajendar (another fat ex-movie maker, music director, cameraman, and yes actor too) rechristened her for the screen. Was it her, then?

No, she says. In fact, during the time period in question, she was in her third grade. What the heck? I am experiencing a combination of shock, surprise and speechlessness. Mumtaz passed her second grade?