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Global warming is not all hot air


The global warming debate has been heating up of late, with a very vocal minority denying that such a thing even exists. A study from the Scripps institute goes a long way towards proving that global warming isn't the creation of some whacko green lobby out to make billions.

Since water retains heat better than the air, Tim Barnett and his team figured they would be better off looking for evidence of global warming in the oceans. They found a significant increase in temperatures on the surface of all the oceans of the world. And when they used a computer model to track ocean temperatures over the past 65 years or so, they found out that natural climatic variations alone could not explain them. But when the effects of human contributions (greenhouse gases etc.) were taken into account in the model, the model tracked temperature changes accurately in all the 6 oceans. The Economist has a picture and an article.

As for this, it is what it is: a good read.