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Meanwhile, in the blogosphere…


Curious Gawker has a hilarious anecdote about applying for an Indian passport. (Link through: Sepia Mutiny ) .

And Krishnan Menon chimes in with his own (equally funny) horror story at an Indian Consulate, trying to get a replacement for his damaged passport. A tortuous conversation ensues with the guy at the counter, culminating in this gem:

“We are very busy right now.”

“My flight is in 4 days.”


He thought for a bit, and then his eyes lit up.

“I can give it to you in 6 days.”

“But I'm leaving in 4! How will I go?”

“It's only 2 days difference. Change your ticket.”

“I'll miss my wedding!”

He grunted, and stood up. Telling me to wait, he consulted a surly looking woman in the back, and they stood there buzzing to each other, ocassionally glancing in my direction. Finally, he made his way back to me.

“Ok, come back this afternoon. But please do not make a habit of this.”

Reminds me of the time a few friends and I went to a Subway in Orlando, late at night, exhausted. I was the first in line to order.

“I'll have a footlong veggie, please”

“We have no wheat bread. Okay?” Y'all, WE HAVE NO WHEAT BREAD IN THE STORE!”


“Whatcha having again?”

“Umm.. a footlong veggie.”

“White or Wheat?”

Trick question, you think?

On another note, DoZ writes an insightful post about guilt, resentment, and master bedrooms. Neat.

Manoj explains why there is more to bags and vegetables than meets the eye.

Meanwhile this writer (I've always wanted to say that) lounges lazily, multiple half finished posts be damned.