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Insult to Injury


We were in a little bit of a rush, but I wanted to go into the store “real quick.” After some haggling, I was allowed to go, subject to some rules (but, of course). The instructions were fairly clear:

Come back in 10 minutes.

Just buy the ones you want, don't just stand there gawking.

I hurried in, and headed straight for the information counter. A winsome girl gave me smile just as winsome – but I remembered the second rule and asked her in my best business-like tone,

“I'm looking for a book called Never Let Me Go.”



“Sorry. Don't have that author.”


“What about Smith, Z-a-d-i-e?”

“Book name?”

“On Beauty.”

Taps on keyboard, “Yes, we have.”

One out of two isn't too bad.

“Ok, where is it?”

“No stock.”

“What does ‘we have' mean?”

“Have in database.”

Damn. I start to walk out disappointed – not smart to sign up to review two books at Veena's Booker Mela without checking for availability. Just then, the girl calls me,



“We currently have a sale. 25% discount on all Danielle Steel books.”

I wanted to thank her for rubbing it in, but my ten minutes were up.