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In Brief


For a change, a fun tag. The goal, inspired by this is to write a short story in 55 words or less. My definition of a short story is wider than yours, so here's my, um… , effort.

A blogger dies and goes to heaven. A few weeks into his stay, he runs into Darwin. Talk tended to evolution, naturally.

He asks Darwin about the only evolution bloggers care about – how people evolve from Insignificant Microbes to Mortal Humans and beyond.

“Good content,” he replied.

“Is that all?”

“And Intelligent Design.”

Thanks Prash for the tag (and a neat story!) – I had so much fun doing this. Maybe I'll do more…


Here are the people I'd like to tag:



DoZ. Link to story.

Gayathri. Link to story.

Tilo. Link to outsourced stories 😉

Sybil. Link to story.

Swami. Link to story.

Update: Here's another one.

It was love at first sight – vulnerable me and the irresistible sonofabitch. We went home together that night, getting along fabulously till my sister moved in. She started to like him.

This morning I wake up, and they're both gone.

I'm calling the cops: no one takes my Labrador away from me.