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The prestigious annual Indian National Awards have been announced, and there has been much consternation about how things have hit a new low. If you ask me, I think people are over-reacting a bit.

Ok, so Page 3 was adjudged the best movie of the year. Disappointed? You shouldn't be. I am quite contented that it was Page 3 and not “Charas – A Joint Effort“. I heard it was the runner up. I have to admit though – I am a little disappointed that my personal favorites won nothing. Not GirlFriend. Not Julie. Not even Murder. However, I heard that there may or may not be another movie of Ms.Sherawat that might be a contender for some awards next year.

Saif Ali Khan, apparently was the best actor this year. Bad choice, you think? Hah. Just wait till next year, when Amitabh wins for Black. This decision will look like a masterstroke.

On a side note, if these transcripts had been released in 2004, Salman would've walked away with awards in the comic villian category. Hands down.

The best lyricist is Pa. Vijay for his song in Autograph. For a song that starts off so:

Each flowers (sic!) will tell you…

Naturally. How can you not reward someone that daringly breaks number agreement rules in the first line of a song.

All said and done, it wasn't all that bad, right? About par for the course.

PS: I heard Vidyasagar (best music director) called Chitra (best playback singer), and asked her “What did we do wrong?” After a long discussion, they concluded that it was just rotten luck.