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Priyasaki, starring Madhavan, Sada, Sada's waist. Directed by K.S.Adhiaman.

Madhavan, Sada engaged in romantic banter. Sada playfully punches Maddy on his (recently)well developed, corpulent chest.

Him: “Hit me anywhere but there.”

Her: “But why?”

Him: “Coz you live in my heart.”

Inane Music. End the most strained courtship ever.


Hero, pregnant heroine seek divorce. Judge invokes one year separation requirement. But grants request from boy to be allowed to stay in girl's house until their baby is delivered.

Him: Kisses her on the waist.

Her: “What are you doing? Take your hands off me”

Him: “I'm not touching you. I'm actually kissing the baby inside you.”

Her: “Oh! Ok.”

'nuff said.